Holly Yashi

Exclusively available in store, Holly Yashi is a brand close to the heart of Northern California style. Creating since 1981, the jewelry is famous for showcasing niobium, a precious metal more lightweight than gold, with the ability to permanently change color from peach to purple. The team of artists also uses Swarovski crystals, gemstones, and czech glass to create a diverse array of artistic jewelry that has something for everyone. While we cannot sell this brand online, we are happy to work with you if you are looking for a specific piece. 


We are blessed to carry a curated selection of Brighton’s best jewelry.  Beware: Too much Brighton can lead to a permanent habit. An internationally recognized company, Brighton jewelry is always anti-tarnish and comes with a 1 year warranty.  Despite the size of their designs, Brighton jewelry is still relatively lightweight.  Many of their items have the luxurious look of fine jewelry, but at the fashion jewelry pricepoint you love. Available in store only, though we can easily accommodate special orders.

Silver Forest

Silver Forest has been consistently rated as one of the top fashion jewelry lines in the country for 3 simple reasons: they are affordable, durable, and made in the USA.  Starting at just $16, their earrings have always been customer favorites. For right now, they are only available in store!  

DC designs

Some jewelry looks like wearable art; DC designs IS wearable art. Artist David Clack started out as a painter/photographer, and now he and his wife have transformed their vision into a successful jewelry line.  Lightweight with the look of leather, these glacee earrings won't fade or wear out. 


Made in Guatemala using a traditional mosaic style, each Firefly earring is a miniature work of art. The jewelry is crafted using Swarovski crystals, suede, ribbon, and glass beads. No Firefly piece has just one color, but is a masterful combination of mutiple colors that draws the eye in. Firefly stands behind the quality of their work, offering free repairs for at least a year from date of purchase. 

Blue Q

Perhaps our most loved gift, we sure get a kick out of Blue Q’s sassy socks. They’re surprisingly soft yet durable, too. One of our former employees wore a pair hiking the grand canyon. Be sure to stop by the store and stock up around the holidays, these are the perfect item for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, and white elephant parties.  

Maria Stashak

Maria Stashak has been creating reproduction Edwardian and Victorian Austrian crystal jewelry since 1987. Her journey began at the age of 10 when she discovered a strand of vintage Swarovski® beads rescued from her father’s fishing tackle box that mesmerized her. From that day forward, she collected every shiny bead she could get her hands on.  

Maria is the first original, copy-written jewelry designer to use vintage uncirculated Swarovski® crystal in combination with gold, copper, and rhodium metal findings. Occasionally, she will incorporate antique Czechoslovakian crystal. Her jewelry line became more extensive and sought after when she discovered several coveted, hidden Austrian crystal caches scattered throughout the United States and Europe.  Despite her success, Maria still handmakes all of her pieces, making many of them one-of-a-kind.



John Michael Richardson

Another line handcrafted in America, this line has a distinctively international feel. The artist works directly with artisans in Thailand and other parts of Asia to find unique metal pieces, then combines them with shell, stones, leather and Czech glass in his New York studio. While we love his earrings most of all, we also carry his bracelets and a small collection of necklaces. 

Voz Jewelry

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, Voz Jewelry is a line that helps you find your voice.  Whether it's a statement ring that lets you show off your love of Northern California, a "runs with scissors" bracelet for your favorite hairstylist, or a "killing it" necklace for the sassy graduate, Voz is the place to look if you're looking to break out of your jewelry rut.