Our Services

At Images, ear piercing is for everyone!  We are able to pierce infants as young as 3 months, and pierce all parts of the outer ear with a stud.  We are happy to provide walk-in services for most piercings. However, if you wish to have two ears pierced simultaneously, please call or fill out the form here (link) to schedule an appointment. We require appointments for children 6 and younger, and strongly recommend them for children under the age of 10.  The cost for a piercing is $39.99, which includes the earrings, cleaning solution, and all taxes.

Because we are a small, family owned business, we take great pride in making every piercing experience a positive one. Often, the owner allows new trainees to pierce her as practice before they can pierce customers.  Our training program was developed by Shanda Rolls, the founder of Images, who used her medical background to write our guidelines. Currently, the majority of our staff has over 2 years of experience piercing ears.  In our 36 year history, Images staff is proud to have pierced over 10,000 ears!